3 July 2016


As a PR (which is what I'm studying to become at university), it is typical of our practice to take clients out to lavishly expensive and trendy restaurants, to shmooze them (with extra ooze) so they will want to hear about our product or accept collaborating with us etc.

Lets be frank, you are more likely to hop into bed with a young man if he took you to a restaurant than an OFFICE MEETING ROOM.
How un-sexy is that? How do the corporate people do it?

Us ladies in fashion PR, just like Samantha from Sex and the City and Edina in Absolutely Fabulous, have built our industry around doing business.. in style. 
That is a glass of wine in one hand, and a contract in the other. 

One of the hottest hubs for shmoozers and shmoozee's is Sketch. 
A Mayfair based, 2 Michelin Star, impossible-to-get-a-booking restaurant. 
In pink.

Fashionably fittingly as well: Sketch used to be Christian Dior's Atelier...

So my two good friends and fellow PR students; Sache and Dina, graciously took on the burden of a little homework, and dined there with me.

Below is our day!

It was very dimly lit (probably to help the PR's get their clients to not-read-but-sign a contact handing over their soul. You know. The usual.)

This kind of strange artwork covered the walls!

A Very Lemonade Beyonce-esque Chair: the girls and I decided.

Mixing old and new.. (don't know who that chick is smiling though.)

There was an open door to intermix the the outdoors and indoors theme further.

Sache got given a napkin with the waiters number on it and was deciding whether to call or not.

Kidding they all came with it. Cute idea though, right?

No I'm not talking about me. (Because we all know my butt is amazing.)
I mean that when you finish your pot of tea, cake, scone: you name it! 

But a fancy re-fill. Not like a McDonalds refill. A Michelin Star Restaurant refill.

The bathroom is the weirdest part. (see confusion on Sache's Face)

It's like in Godzilla when the human sized eggs were hatching. 
Except instead of human-sized-reptiles; It's relieved-humans.

Me being really silly:

Dina laughing at me.

An ever so fashionable exit!

(That means play in french)

Overall: a great day! Considering we are students: heads up, it's expensive! 
But going to the tea lounge (the one we sat in) is less expensive, and you can visit the iconic pink tea room as often as you'd like!

..and after our expensive fancy lunch: we went back home, got changed into sweatpants, and watched Game of Thrones!
Just like the bottom dwelling geeks we really are!!