25 May 2016

Claire Barrow Leaving the Fashion Schedule

Claire Barrow

Yesterday, 26 year old designer Claire Barrow (who has dressed the likes of Rihanna) announced she is no longer following the Fashion schedule. After 8 seasons.
Luckily: I happened to have a talk from artist turned designer Claire Barrow herself today! So I can tell you exactly whats-up.

Claire Barrow

She explained to us that she removed herself from the schedule because she considers herself an artist as well as a designer: therefore she want's to have time to think about her work. She currently only has TWO WEEKS to design a collection!
Claire Barrow also told us that she wants to bring it back to what she wants to make: and give herself the chance to have more of a conversation and direct contact with the consumer: as opposed to designing for bigger companies. 

Claire Barrow

Can I say I told you so yet? The fashion cycle is BROKEN. Perhaps the Chanel's and the Dior's that have money to throw at feeding this hamster wheel are coping (or not! considering Raf Simmons: See my post here), but young designers like Claire Barrow are not.
Claire has been designing for 8 seasons now, so she knows the system.
But it isn't sustainable.. just like Bangladeshi sweat shops aren't.
People are waking up to the music and changes are happening. 
I feel like this year is the year Millennials are putting their foot down for things that just aren't right: and the broken fashion cycle is a great place to start-over.

Claire Barrow

Claire described to us today how her collection is confusing: she doesn't want anyone to get it. She wants to make people think: and change the way fashion works. 

Her last collection was a reflection of the history of fashion. She said that at the moment; fashion is looking at the past: see the 70's trend, 90's looks; and so her most recent collection was a retaliation to such. A jumble of all the ages! 

Claire Barrow

A woman of such clear sights seemed so godly to us; but when asked the reason behind why she wanted to work with stylist 
Haley Wollins She giggled and said "She's worked with Drake!" as we all giggled enthusiastically with her. That considered, coming into our classroom wearing a Yeezus tour shirt, whether she knew it or not, she was playing to the crowd. Just like Roberta Einer; so successful, yet so relatable.

"I don't like magazines: they are boring and for white people" She confessed. Again, we all related. No one knows what is paid for or genuine these days. She admitted she was fond of Dazed, and November is 'pretty cute', another underground magazine called Mosh Pit too.

Claire BarrowClaire Barrow

I buy my clothes from Etsy: if you look for American Vintage on there, it's amazing. Understandable coming from a do-it-yourself-er. A vision of the new-bricolage consumer (in-short: our generation is becoming increasingly do-it-yourself, bespoke, original etc.)

When we suggested a collaboration with Doc Martins: she got very excited. 'I hope so' she said. 'They give me shoes for my shows!'. Perhaps something to look out for!

Last but not least; we questioned Claire on her choice of Model. She explained that she chooses her models through personality; she would rather have actual real people than blank models. 
This is a concept that is increasingly on the rise (Young designer Molly Goddard did the same) of the No-del; designers that choose friends to model rather than hire through agency. 

Overall, a refreshing take on fast fashion and a tasteful introduction into a much more pensive and meaningful kind of fashion, and most importantly: one more 'fuck you' to the unsustainable hamster wheel we call fashion today.

21 May 2016

Vogue 100 Festival 2016 Day1 - Kim, Kanye, and Coddington.

Today was Vogue 100 Festival, in Kensington Palace Gardens and the Royal Geographical society.
It was great fun! If you haven't seen my little blurb about last years: check it out here!
As for this year: let me summarise:

I feel like the intellectual topic that weaved throughout the day was the topic of sustainable fashion (which is right up my alley). From Alexa Chung pushing people to thrift shop,  to Derek Blasberg discussing how the 'New Luxury' is peace of mind where and how something was made, to finally Style mogul Caroline de Maigret encouraging people to buy clothes for life and wear them everyday, over and over, shamelessly: it is clear that fast-fashion is disappearing from our desires.

As Lauren Santo Domingo, co-founder of Moda Operandi, put it: I want to know I am contributing to the craft of fashion, a living and growing individual business, and something so well made I can considering passing it down onto my daughter.

Wind this down to a student budget: and cut that in half. This is what us Millennial are dealing with, and what makes us feel like Fast-fashion and fast-food are our only options.

But they are not: just as I have learned to buy cheap frozen vegetables and actually start cooking my meals... I have too, learned to start saving my money, and spending it on things that actually last.

The other day I repaired my favourite Russell and Bromley boots, and R&B's... for £30.
They re-soled them, buffed the frayed leather, and polished them back to new. 

Now I can't explain the way it feels until the day you yourself buy an expensive 
pair of shoes: wear them to death, and bring them back to life again. But I will try:
It's like a childhood stuffed animal who's tail fell off and your mum sewed it back together. And it seems as if your love grew for that dolly twice because of his new story and scar.

The point that those Fashion industry specialists were trying to make, and the point I too am trying to make: is that sustainable fashion starts with us. The consumer. And our immense purchasing power.
The next time time you go to buy something: think of it as a vote for that company.
Oxfam? Or H&M?
Stella McCartney? or Nike?

Learn about the good and bad that companies do and try and make the world, as well as your wardrobe a better place.

Josephines' Hopefully-Inspiring Top 5 Designer Second Hand Finds

 1. Black Cashmere Prada Jumper  £15 UK
2. Authentic Nascar #42 Red Suede Racing Jacket $30 NEW YORK (see here)
3. 1997 Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Backpack £200 UK (see here)
4. Silver Spray painted Burberry Cobra High heeled Cowboy boots (reduced £2500 > £100) ITALY
5. Authentic Suede Navajo Skirt with Ivory Bovine-Bone Details £60 NEW MEXICO (see here)

I hope this inspires you!
Anyways: Without further ado: 


Outfit of the Day! This hand made Moroccan Coat was my 
Grandmothers, my mothers, and now mine!

Vogue Festival

Passed the entrance on my evening jog the night before! 

Vogue Festival

Alas the completed impressive entrance and fashionable cue at 9:30 this morning!

Vogue Festival

(Flashback 60 seconds earlier in a rush in the taxi)

Vogue Festival

My fabulous +2!

Vogue Festival

Mum enjoying a good old Bobbi Brown Consultation!

My darling Dina (and fellow PR student at LCF!)

Vogue Festival

Dina, myself, and Roxy: all representing the London College of 
Fashion PR course apparently at the Vogue Festival!


Vivienne Westwood

Spotted! Some good old Vivenne Westwood!

"And what do you see?" Ink Blot jeans : very fun! (and therapeutic?)

Street Style
Street Style

This dingbat with flowers in her hair.

There she is again. 

Vogue Festival

My stylist brother looking awfully dapper!

Vogue Festival

(Street style photographer takes the time and courtesy to fix brother's hair)

Vogue Festival

  A fun Anya Hindmarch Backpack!

What an epic jacket. 


Vogue Festival

An unsuspecting Josephine chatters away to Dina. Dina eyes wander...


"Josephine Look!" Says Dina


"Is.. that..." Josephine Garbles

Vogue Festival

Dina (rightly so) attempts to shut up a squealing Josephine because she is embarrassing her.

Vogue Festival

Celebratory Hand Massage!!!!!

my photos btw very proud Kanye was drawn to me and my Camera hence good shot

Kanye West


Kanye West

Yeezy!! 🙌🏼 (I like the music not the man)

Kim Kardashian

Best I got of Kimmy

Kim Kardashian

That rock though!!!

INTERESTING POINT: DESPITE THE UTTER EARTH-SHATTERING-NESS OF THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: They are actually quite short in real life and we were all just fine and on with our days in 2 minutes. 
(for the record. Incase you thought the crowd was reduced into a riot: we weren't.)


Bumped into more of the LCF PR Course!! Meet Daisy!

Grace Coddingtons talk with Lucinda Chamber! Highlight?
"I have trouble dressing people I don't like" Audience Laughs *Hand gestures a Curvy Woman*
(Kim K Reference? We'll never know!)
Get the scoop on the talk at Vogue.co.uk!!! CLICK HERE


vogue Festival

vogue Festival

vogue Festival

vogue Festival

I worked with Timebased (the company that runs these events) at the Glamour Beauty Festival! This is Poppy my wonderful co-worker!! So nice seeing all the staff around the event!

vogue Festival

Fashionable reception (and the fashionable TimeBased team! Shoutout!!)

vogue Festival

*** Cough*** "Overpriced!"  *** Cough Cough ***

Who dat.


Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris in the flesh. My -icon- (Keep in mind these are the real celebrities to me!!!)
BIO: SH is the Fashion Features Director at British Vogue and is GORGEOUS.
Take a look at her epic street style HERE.

Conde Nast College

Shout out to my old College! Woot-woot! Had loads of people to say hello to!!


Ah yes! The Famous 4-cover Vogue-cover-shoot!

Me trying to work the damn machine after!!!!!

Alexa's Style Clinic was such a laugh!! Great Talk!!
Interesting bit: that Lauren Santo Domingo (co-founder of Moda Operandi) was 
pro-women being made to wear high heels to work? Unlike Alexa and Derek. 
Well: to each their own! and I suppose if you work in heels and love them, you might think that way?

But for the record: I am anti-women-being-forced-to-wear-heels-in-the-workplace!
If you happen to agree with me? > sign the petition HERE.

This annoying chick in a flamboyant coat took a wrong turn to the bull fighting ring...

Isabel Marant

Last talk of the day! "The Allure of Paris Cool" with Caroline de Maigret and ISABEL MARANT herself!! oui oui!!

My absolute favourite parts of this talk:

- The British tend to follow trends, whereas the French find the piece in the trend that is them. i found this such a accurate remark and such a good piece of advice. For example: flares I will NEVER do! 
I was tempted with the just-passed 70's trend, but you know what? It's just not me.

-Caroline rid her closet of clothes that were not nice. So even when she wakes up and throws something on it looks good! (i.e. clothes that fit her/complemented her skin tone etc.)

-Caroline suggests to have no shame in wearing the same clothes all the time. She wears the same dress to a party every time. 

Very sustainable: I agree!!

vogue Festivalvogue Festival

Last silly shots before retiring for the day!

vogue Festival

vogue Festival

A demain Vogue!!!