13 September 2015

Vogue Loves Regent St, Fashion's Night Out London

So every year, Vogue hosts 'Vogue Nights Out' in all the major cities of the world.
You might recall the post I made last year on Vogue's Fashion night out at Westfield in London.

In the same vein, this year Vogue took over Regent Street in London for an exciting night out!
Below I will explain to you what activities and events went on and what goodies I managed to bag.

But before I do: I have to say in my humble PR background and experience...
That the event was an absolute success.

The difference between Westfield's 'The Village' last year and Regent Street this year: is that the Village is a bit exclusive and very high end: so naturally, the only girls who were coming along for the event, were ones like me who knew about it. Otherwise, there wasn't much room for accidentally stumbling upon the event and joining in.

But this year: quite a few girls I spoke to had just stumbled upon the Vogue Fashion Night Out event and thought it was so cool: they just decided to ditch their previous plans and join in for the fun.
----Marketing prowess if I ever saw it.----

Promotional events with free stuff and drinks is always going to end as an unforgettable night.
I will most certainly never forget the 'Bacardi Party' I went to, despite the fact I can't remember it at all...

The point is; the night was a success for Vogue, and a success for me.
Come take a look at the evenings fun from my eyes...

This is the map of the Vogue Regent Street Fashion's Night Out! 

(which my brother actually saw being made a few months ago
 while visiting UK Vogue Headquarters!)

My Outfit For the Night! ft. Miss Dolce

I wore plain white and blue to be the stage for my little Dolce. ♥︎
She got a lot of attention throughout the evening and loved it!


My makeover courtesy of the MaxFactor makeup teams!

=These lovely ladies!
God bless a team of makeup artists out on the street! We need this everywhere.


Poptails: a first and definitely not a last. Vodka Watermelon Popsicle was a great start to the night.

Sick DJ on entry. 

Since Hunter was going for the festival theme, there was a glitter queen there to do you face, another woman there to do feathers in your hair, and one to give you tattoos! Guess which I picked.

Since I was one of the first 100 (I was actually literally the first #Keen) to enter the store, I got given a festival HUNTER bracelet which gave me the chance to enter to win VIP tickets to a festival! 
Fingers crossed!


Eye candy giving out candy. (Equally yummy)


At Penhaligon's I got a personalised perfume tour, that took my memories and favourite smells into account and presented me with a selection of three to choose from.
Learned a lot about myself! Like I like Lily of the Vally! Who knew?

My G&T and Strawberries!


Cute Polaroid I was given!


aaaand more champers!

Notice the chocolate lollipops... (I did)

Don't mind if I do...


The gentleman who did my tattoo actually worked at Uno de 50 in Milan, and had done the Vouge Fashion Night out the day previous before coming to Londons'!


Cool DJ and an equally Cool AW/15 Collection

Choupette everywhere I look!

Oh Karl you are so right. ✓



Mani's by Butter London

A cute little red carpet for your nails to strut on afterwards...

Previously mentioned cookies.


More nails and cocktails... Not sure how much more I can take at this point.


Former Barney's Fashion Director Amanda Brooks came to discuss with us her new memoir 
'Always Pack a Party Dress' 

Spotted: Her Majesty My-Idol, the one and only Alexandra Shulman on the way over to the talk.
I was about to go tell he how I was enjoying the event, and what a success I thought it was!
As well as howmuch. I look up to her, love her words, interviews, talks.
But: I have a rule about bothering people crossing a road.
So: I snuck a photo instead to remind me...
Next Time...

Very exciting stuff: I had my copy signed! and got some personal sound advice
from her about being open to paths in life and exploiting youth's ever burning candle in your career.

In line to meet Amanda Brooks!

East India Tea Company at Anthropologie!


Got to talk to some handsome staff and sadly only just missed out on the Hilfiger #1 foam fingers!!


Here with AVEDA is where I had my hair braided!

Very pleased with the verdict!

And the goodies!!


Finally at Follie Follie, I had a Fashion Illustrator draw my portrait.
Then it will be made into a bag, and I will receive both copies in the post!
For free!

Free cookie and purse too! Score!

Thank you Regent Street!

It was a beautiful warm evening...

Piccadilly as we know and love it.

My exciting bag full of goodies to trawl through the next morning!!

  •  Eliza Doolittle was the official DJ of the night at Liberty!
  • Liberty also held workshops and entertainment across its fashion and beauty departments.
  • Hollister had a pop-up braid bar
  • Just off Hanover Square, the Conde Nast Worldwide News Shop was offering Vogue Loves totes and a one-year Vogue subscription, plus some other goodies too.

(Already got one at last years event: check it out)

Overall, such a success! If you guys want to attend any more of Vogue's events in London, keep an eye on my page! I will be sure to post on my Facebook page about the next one as soon as details are released so you can plan for it!

Until next time, Mwah!

-Josephine xxx