28 January 2015

Three Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt

For some reason; I always dress in tall people clothes.
Every magazine, store clerk, silly online test tells me the same thing; short girls should wear short garments. A short skirt nips in the waist and emphasise your legs! Wear heels it will make your legs look longer! High waisted trousers that cut off at your waist to make you seem taller!
While tall people get to wear maxis, hipster jeans, and flats!
Do you know what I think? Screw the system; wear whatever the F** you want and make it look damn good. These three ways to wear a maxi can apply to any size. Short girls? Wear the skirt with heels like I have done, but if you just feel like flats? Just wear it higher on your waist or neatly fold it up so it doesn't skim the floor! Tall girls? Luckily for you, just keep doing what your doing.
The wonders of a maxi include; a change from skinny jeans in this frosty weather, a garment you can just slip on and go, a much easier alternative to a skirt with tights, and you get to wear a comfy skirt while hiding your blindingly pale winter legs which just aren't ready to see 2015 yet...
P.s. Sorry for going Awol: was on holiday in St. Lucia! A wonderful Video and Post to make up for it soon!
So without further ado...

The peplum gives you a flattering silhouette to compliment the straight fall of a maxi; and the nude heels keep it simple. "Gasp! I suddenly feel so classy in this outfit I feel like I could court, kiss and marry Prince Harry in under an hour!"

Just because the skirt falls straight doesnt mean it hides shape! Especially not with that peplum!
(Remember that scene in Princess Diaries when she gets her kick because she kissed her true love? Happens naturally when you are dressed and feeling this fiiine!)

That's right; I am right now embodying any and every fashion blogger in the world right now. I am wearing the denim shirt with the hipster RayBans and the Vintage Camera hung at my side as I type this. But in all seriousness, maxi anything always goes dashingly with a nice boho hat.

Apparently I forgot I was indeed wearing clothes in this last one. Good reflexes though.
Imagine your body like a pie chart with two sections. The more a section of the pie chart fills, the less space there is in the the other section.
This is how showing off skin on your body should work in order to keep it classy. A long sleeve, collared shirt looks so chique with a mini skirt. In this case; a maxi skirt looks very appropriate with a bralette and sheer shirt! Showing off skin but still classy; not trashy.

I know I'm not the only one that automatically pretends I'm on the phone when holding a bag like this.... "I mean, come on!"

So there you have it! Hopefully this post gives you some ideas on how to pull off a maxi! Even if you yourself are a mini!!!

Lots of Love,
-J xxx

11 January 2015

Black to the Future Lookbook

For those of you who actually read this fashion blog; it may or may not interest you that I have a self-styling blog on the website Lookbook. Me and my styling blog go way back; four years now.
Today I posted this look, but I wanted to share some of the grimy grungy leftovers with you!

So this grungy look was inspired by one of my favourite songs 'Genesis' by Grimes. If you listened to this song: you'd want to put on a choker, give yourself some ghetto braids, and have a jam session like I did.

Kick it;

Smiles because I love this song
Damn those braids though...

Uhhhh I like fashion?
aaand that's all folks. Overall from a photography perspective happy with how these turned out. I thought they looked kind of American Apparel-y (minus the perversion). Never underestimate the production value of a dark room and flash...

6 January 2015

The Vogue VIP Night Out Event and Goody Bag Review!

With fashion-y friends and good fortune; I was invited to the Vogue VIP Night Out in Westfield London this past November and it was fabulous! I wanted to write a post and review of the whole event because it was, uniquely, organised by Vogue; which is such an elite in the fashion world, and as I learned on my course, making a move towards e-commerce to compete with most other fashion magazines that have positively exploited their readership and brand to open up new portals of revenue. Take, Monocle for example; although written by the dreaded Tyler Brulé (sorry, not a fan), he had a bright idea to turn his niche magazine into a niche shop.
So although it may seem like a small step, such 'Vogue' events (especially since located in Westfield and revolving around shopping) are the first baby steps towards 'Vogue' the brand as opposed to 'Vogue' the magazine.

Apart from its cultural context; the event was great fun. There were little area's with Fortune Telling, Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Artists would give you a makeover, free hand massage (which as you can see below I so 'reluctantly' indulged in, as if!), there was free champagne, strawberries, macaroon and 20% off in all stores! But most importantly to us girlies (my Condé Nast Girls), we took advantage of the 'Be Styled by Vogue Editors!' booth, where instead of us all getting styled, since we are Vogue Students, we instead had a cute chat about the event, if we were liking it, what they could do better and then had a fun group selfie (oh my god with Vogue Assistant-retail editor Tatiana Hambro!!!).
It was nice seeing these Vogue girls the day after we went to go visit their offices where they were buzzing and talking to us students about the event!

So here is what I got for free inside my wonderfully Gold, Gold VIP night out Vogue Goody bag!
(Thank you Vogue! Love it!)

This is the bag all the goods came in!

BY FAR the best treat; a free year long subscription to Vogue Magazine!

A sweet little Kelly Hoppen candle!

A wonderful little T2 Tea kit! 

 Hotel Chocolat Body Butter, Neal's Yard Facial Wash, and Rituals foaming shower gel

(Stupidly was too busy having a hand massage to pick them up but it's the thought that counts)

A cute little map of Westfield (lord I needed one) and of London!

A little booklet of all the treats we received!

A little Group Selfie for a competition

Free Champagne? yes please.

Me in a little Ted Baker 360 video competition thing where you tried on their goods and took a video of you and you are automatically entered into a competition 
(I was mortified to find out while I was browsing in their store that my video was actually being shown behind me on a big screen; safe to say I made a swift exit stage left...)

Fabulous decor...

Grand entrance...
This was the Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Artists Beauty Bar

Discover your future only if you discover where the fourtune teller went for a cigarette break!

So much wonderful and very Vogue flower decor!
My elegant posture during a relaxing hand massage (cameo from Dina's strawberry and champagne!)

Obligatory but unnecessary DJ (sorry mate!)
Royal Ballet Dancer in the window of Hugo Boss; very surreal.

There was also an electric violinist in Ghost, and a royal opera singer in Jimmy Choo!

2 January 2015

My Fashion Horoscope Predictions for 2015! Prt 1

I hate to break it to you; but the alignment of the stars do not have an effect on your life whatsoever.
This is what I believe.
However this does not mean that I do not love to indulge in horoscopes.
I think that each and every Zodiac sign 'trait' mixed together is a grander judgment on traits we all possess.
For example; I luckily relate to Leo's given traits, which is my sign. But I also strongly relate to the traits associated with a Pisces and a Capricorn.

So whether you are a believer or not; here are my fashion Horoscope Predictions for 2015 so you can find out what street style look or item suits your whole personality or singular traits best!

(Courtesy to 123 New Year for providing Horoscope information)