11 January 2015

Black to the Future Lookbook

For those of you who actually read this fashion blog; it may or may not interest you that I have a self-styling blog on the website Lookbook. Me and my styling blog go way back; four years now.
Today I posted this look, but I wanted to share some of the grimy grungy leftovers with you!

So this grungy look was inspired by one of my favourite songs 'Genesis' by Grimes. If you listened to this song: you'd want to put on a choker, give yourself some ghetto braids, and have a jam session like I did.

Kick it;

Smiles because I love this song
Damn those braids though...

Uhhhh I like fashion?
aaand that's all folks. Overall from a photography perspective happy with how these turned out. I thought they looked kind of American Apparel-y (minus the perversion). Never underestimate the production value of a dark room and flash...