15 June 2017

Sicily, Italy!

Hello my dear ones. Josephine is back-at-it-again with the spontaneous trips! 
There was so many highlights and so much to love: but I'll keep it sweet, short, and simple.

  1. I went on the first weekend break I got from radiotherapy!
  2.  I went with my whole family and Luc Cuyvers and his wife. (Luc is an incredible documentary producer/director, ocean conservationist, photographer, and my dad's college roommate!!)
  3. Sicily was the most colourful, bucolic, friendly place! Plus italian food. #NuffSaid
  4. We stayed in a a few places: but the one in a lemon and orange grove that was blossoming was the best!
  5. We hiked hours to the top of the active volcano Mt. Etna. We got so close to the magma that the lava rock was so hot it melted the bottom of our hiking boots! 
  6. Sicily specialises in almond oil massages: which is heaven.. but leaves you kind of hungry..
  7. While doing a Shamoo impression of the infamous Orca show from Seaworld: I accidentally gave myself a partial-hernia. #Classic
I'm afraid I can't teleport you a mouthwatering icy Lemon Gelato... But maybe with these lovely photo's I captured: I can bring you some mouthwatering colours, sights, and scenes... 
buon appetito!

(This dress still smells like almond) Dress from brand St. Tropez.

Spent a good 14 hrs in this spot.

Dolce and Banana vibes.

This guy was just so quintessentially Italian I had to snap.


Pre-Shamoo incident.

Crazy family.

Babe-town population mom.

Very disappointed no one gave me the haircut memo.

Easter Sunday in Noto, Sicily!

Doesn't get more Italian than this...

Ciao, Italy! Ci Vediamo!! xxx