5 October 2015

Japan Vintage Haul

Vintage. Heaven.
I have never seen vintage done quite as well as I did in Japan.
Warehouse, upon warehouse of rails upon rails. There was one dedicated to hundreds of light wash levi denim shirts, or another of exclusively cream knit jumpers, even a rack of every coloured dressing gown you could imagine! (OCD Bonus: colour coordinated), drool-worthy Varsity jackets; NOTE: none of which remotely Japanese (University of Utah class of 1994??).

They had it all.
Best of all? The prices.
Buying and selling in bulk has its perks: everything was dirt cheap.
I bought a pristine vintage Levi's denim jacket for less than £8?? Holla!
I bought 3 Levi's denim shirts (including one limited edition Micky Mouse one!!) for less than £20
I bought the most badass recycled Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego Bomber from the 70's: for £15!!
Never miss an opportunity like this. Even if it meant I had to buy a whole new suitcase to bring my swag home. #NoRagrets

These are some looks I had in mind before I went shopping. Street style chic. 
Was a bit Kylie Jenner inspired at the time.
 (Please excuse the overwhelming aura of professionalism that emanates from my in-a-taxi fashion illustrations)

The beautifully stylised photograph that follow were shot and edited by my incredibly talented friend, Farah.
The inspiration was 90's retro. 

Bomb.com Bomber

 It says; "Save the Planet, Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego" on my plastic-recycled AND Japanese thrifted bomber. Can you guys think of anything that would suit me better? Perfection! 🙌🏼

Fugly chic inner print? Check. 👌🏼

Modelled beautifully by my dearest friend Annie

My high school bully look. Backwards cap optional.

The lighting in some of these are etherial. Full props to the talented Farah 🙏🏼 

Harajuku Check Shirt Dress 

It's just so comfy and cute. Perfect for long haul international flights! (Tested and Approved)

This puppy was ALL the rage up and down Harajuku. 

Well Loved Levi Boyfriend Jeans

I believe boyfriend jeans epitomise effortless chic. 

Chameleon silhouette: 
every stance they change shape because of the slack.

They are a challenge to wear because they aren't slam dunk form fitting...

But when you get them right... although torn up and baggy... 
They can look as stylish as a floor length dress.

Basketball Baby

I know I am the furthest thing from Lebron James...

Do you remember the basket ballers uniforms from the 70's: the converse and [sexy mens thighs] in short shorts? Can we have them back please? Thank you.

Vintage and modern.
 Basketball and chic.
Potato Patato. 

Netted basketball shirts are downright sexy. 
If it wasn't so chilly, I'd #Freethenips and embrace it!

Mickey Mouse

Zip up the skirt zipper to give you a whole different silhouette!

Rose Gold Birkenstocks... it's called fashion look it up. 💅🏼

Spot the Micky Mouse Cameo

XXL Levis Shirt As Dress

"Are you wearing pants under that?"
"No sir. But it's as long as a dress and that's fine for me!"
Typical conversation.

Roll up sleeves for Bulky Shoulders and Biceps for a wedge 70's feel.

Did someone say vintage and versatility.?!

Denim blue is such a great colour on so many different skin and hair colours...
and I'm a fucking ginger.

Contrast baby.

I hope these ideas inspire you a little! 
Vintage is perfect place for getting creative with your wardrobe.
If you re going for a street style kind of look: vintage is your first stop shop.

Vintage is well loved, worn-in, and can be cut, dyed, sewn, with no regret!
There is so much that can be done; I urge you to give it a try! Who knows what you will find. Plus it's great for our environment to reduce landfill! 👍🏼

(Special thanks to Annie and Farah for loyally 
and cheerfully helping me out with this post.
Y'all are the real OG.)