12 January 2016

The Swimsuit Edition

January. That time of year, when Facebook and Instagram is flooded with beautiful photographs of friends and relatives taking advantage of cheap off-peak flights to exotic and hot places.
Nothing wrong with it!
But the usual small peppering of these photos, switching to a sheer influx, can quickly become rather unwelcome when the rest of us are having to deal with chill, overcast, and chapped ... everything.

In rebellion/surrender, I present to you my totally-not-on-a-beach Winter Swimsuit Edition!
This is a celebration of the one piece swimsuit: winter's bikini.

A glorious, but seemingly forgotten invention, the swimsuit has always chimed the idea of beautiful strength (see Baywatch below), a striking silhouette (See Kate Upton) and utmost class (from Audrey to Karlie).

This swimsuit edition aims to reinstate that less is not necessarily always more...

Let me introduce you to my 5 favourite swimsuits. Explain to you why I love them, 
where to buy them, and my top tips for wear and care.


Black Milk Galaxy Swimsuit


Moschino (of Course) Smiley One Piece Swimsuit


High Rise 'Baywatch' One Piece Bikini, Nasty Gal


ERES One-Piece Carlingue Swimsuit Olive



This is such a young, fun, bright look (that would look nothing but vulgar if on a bikini)
Swimsuits - 1, Bikinis - 0

Who doesn't like a swimsuit that is bright yellow and smiles back? 
What Moschino is all about, and why I love them so much!!

I don't advise you take pink wellies to the pool. But if they match your inflatable pink doughnut... ...crime not to.

TIP: Hippy sunnies, hoop earrings, and a choker... do accessorise!

Smiles and rainbows, what more could you want.

How lovely is it to show off your back? All year around elegant.

(My other preoccupation... Jokes! I like to think)

This swimsuit was my prom dress... which probably makes it my favourite. (see last photo below)
Blackmilk is a great Australian company that specialises in printing on Lycra.

The swimsuit is comfortable, secure, and so rich in colour; you wouldn't believe it.
I've had it 4 years and it hasn't lost colour yet.
TIP: Always rinse your swimsuit after ocean or pool. 
Do not sit in the sand with this kind of swimsuit unless you want it to grate or pearl.

This swimsuit looks great with a skirt, jeans (my favourite), or as a prom dress!

Vulgar as ever. (Circa 2012)

Flashy (literally) as ever! British Boarding School was the best.


I bought this swimsuit off Nastygal. 
Little risky because I didn't know how it would look on me, but it is now my current favourite. 

I paired it with my cowgirl-esque bolo, giving it a fun edge and a bit of colour.

TIP: Definitely pair jewelry with swimwear. 

This swimsuit is just so flattering and elegant.

TIP: Body chains aren't just for bikinis!
Remove tarnishable bling (not pure gold or silver) before going for a dip!
Just like your swimsuit, rinse and dry after!

TIP: On the topic of body chains (A never ending love affair with me), I promise you it is only worth buying ones that are pure gold or silver through and through.
I have bought many-a body chain and have been thoroughly disappointed as they tarnish quick.
Save yourself the trouble and money and buy a proper one, for the long haul!
Where do I get mine? Lili Claspe. Buy one here.

Wear it as a swimsuit, or wear it under a full skirt like I did to the British Fashion Awards!

Plus, hadn't you heard? Side-boob is the new cleavage. ;)


Eres is a really good brand. I know their swimwear and lingerie well.
I worked with them when I interned at The Communications Store.
The USP (unique selling point) of Eres is the quality.

Elegance is assured with it's ever-minimalistic and always monochrome designs.
It's complex and effective body shaping technology
results in flattery being guaranteed.

Olive is such a warm colour. Then again it sure does look it when I have this crazy red hair!

TIP: OTT (Over the Top) earrings ALWAYS win when it comes to swimwear.
Gives you such a kick of elegance/class/fun.
and they can stay on! As long as you don't dunk you head in...

A very feminine swimsuit. 10/10 for body shaping too.


This Moschino Swimsuit is not Cheap-and-Chique (a lower-market 
capsule brand of Moschino) like the Smiley Face one. Still, a good investment.
As the price goes up, so does the quality. 

The hardware is so unique. As well as the flattering silhouette of the one shoulder strap.
The quality of the lyrca is more silken and thicker. (Long-lasting).

TIP: What did I say about over the top earrings? DO!! 
I have cheap extravagant pairs JUST for the poolside/beach!

That's a wrap! I hope this post has inspired you to jump on the bandwagon of 
Summer 2016's biggest trend! 
Or even inspired you to get an old retro one on now and wear it on a night out!
Bodysuits are a fast and upcoming 2016 trend... but why buy them if you can't swim in them?

Multi-purpose garments are the backbone of innovative looks and a healthy wardrobe.
Doctors Orders!!