2 January 2015

My Fashion Horoscope Predictions for 2015! Prt 1

I hate to break it to you; but the alignment of the stars do not have an effect on your life whatsoever.
This is what I believe.
However this does not mean that I do not love to indulge in horoscopes.
I think that each and every Zodiac sign 'trait' mixed together is a grander judgment on traits we all possess.
For example; I luckily relate to Leo's given traits, which is my sign. But I also strongly relate to the traits associated with a Pisces and a Capricorn.

So whether you are a believer or not; here are my fashion Horoscope Predictions for 2015 so you can find out what street style look or item suits your whole personality or singular traits best!

(Courtesy to 123 New Year for providing Horoscope information)