27 December 2014

Mary Katrantzou and Davina Catt talk!

Davina Catt, left, and Mary Katrantzou 
(describing something very passionately as usual).

Check out the Goods. (on her website)

"Mary Katrantzou and Davina Catt; The Industry Function Event"
Was the wonderful evenings title...

A Cheesy Photo Op!

"Kat-rant-zou" my friend annunciated for me. "Kat-rand-zoo" I mimicked.
"RanT", she said; "RanD", I struggled.

Mary's last name isn't the simplest of names, but her designs aren't the simplest either!
The Greek designer started out her fashion endeavours by studying, (oddly at the time, but in hindsight makes complete sense) Architecture at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), before then moving from the USA to the UK to complete her education in Textiles at CCM (Central Saint Martins)

Resume Aside: I really really liked her. She was so charismatic, and focused. She was well spoken and had so much to say it was like the words were bubbling out of her! (Which was comforting seeing as when I met her soon after; words were bubbling out of me!)
There is something about having passion for ones career mixed with girls' instinctual love for fashion: that just is the right mix of driven, happy.. obsession!

My mission of this blog is to share what I learned with you all: and what better way to share what I learned by letting you experience and watch it yourself!

It was funny watching the video and seeing various little cameo's of me chatting to Mary (see below).
Who in this shot was sharing with me her opinion on university preparation before going into the fashion world; and she believed that it was up to me to choose which university to go to because each on suits everyone differently. She also told me however; that experience in the industry has the potential to be more useful than a university degree..

Overall, it was such a fun night and I met so many interesting people who were part of The Industry.
The Industry is a fashion business members club that organises talks and is a place for young new entrepreneurs to meet and learn. Something I wouldn't mind joining once I start my career!

This is The Industry's Youtube Channel where you can watch more talks organised at the Cond√© Nast College with incredible guests such as ASOS's CEO, and David Gandy.