4 July 2016

Summer in Silk

An oxymoron. I know. 
But despite decent-logic, I beg to differ that silk is PERFECT for summer.
Light billowy silk pieces will swath you will shimmering elegance in day, all while keeping you warm in the fresh summer evenings...


This mens Prada silk pyjama top is second hand GOLD. Never even worn!
It's made so beautifully, it's shape holds. 

The silk is dark, but when it catches the light it's breathtaking.

Dress it down with an old second hand American sweatshirt-skirt.

Then dress it back up again with Snake Burberry Rockstar boots. 
(Grand slam of bargains: Originally £2500 sold down to £70!!)

Add some simple gold abstract geometric earrings.

And you'll be golden!!

Sache and Dina (the two lovely girls from my last post) took these images and suggested we do some mock ups of ad's we were inspired by for the shoot!

All-hail the Gucci Aesthetic at the moment.


Because if done right...

and with the right attitude... 

Can look real-sexy....

Chokers are my favourite. One in gold keeps it classy.

Feel free to take your clothes off. (Almost)

Pointed black patent leather heels (not too high) complete the outfit.
[These ones are LK Bennet]

This is why you buy pretty bra's: this is when you get to show them off!

Look and act messy chic: it will pay off.

 The lock necklace is very [Kristen Stewart] era Chanel.


My skirt is made of 'bamboo silk' which is ecological! 
(Green Tumbs up to me!)

Velvet and silk: always a slam dunk combo.

A fun American take on a Spanish silhouette!

The aerated mesh crop jersey top shines like silk.

Again: give it some 'tude and the look will be flying.

Big hoops make it tacky. Tacky works with an elegant skirt like that!
Best combination to make an outfit playful!

These dutch buns and boxer braids add the edge to the look.

Florida girl after all!!


I know you shouldn't have favourites.... but look...

Pastel pink silk trousers from H&M conscious!

Does this make me Ariel? Venus? or just a Mermaid?

This amazing top is from the label Wildfox (Second hand £40!)

(I've got a lov-e-ly bunch of Coquillages!)

Pastels keep you cool because they reflect light (despite being silk). The 'Sweater' is so hole-ridden that breeze is guaranteed. A great way to keep cool!

These are actually culottes!

Vintage Chanel nude slip ons bring a little elegance...

Silhouette is everything...

Will keep you warm come sundown too!

The iridescence is perfect for sunset...

and did I say fun??

The top just steals the show so it made sense to make an ad for Wildfox themselves!


I bought this silk billowy blouse second hand designer for a fancy event. But dressing down dress-up is my favourite game...

American pride! These tall gladiators add edge to the outfit


This top would keep you warm come night-time fireworks.

Summer Silk

Silk and denim is an unusual combo.

Summer Silk

Summer Silk

The hardware makes it less evangelical.

American Gladiators

God bless my Steve Maddens... (what? That's not how it goes?)

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

It's only fitting....

So that's all folks! This is my first shoot with my new lens and I am in LOVE with the blurred-background images it spits out! (and the girlies that helped take it!!) Happy fourth of July and I hope you take on this summer in silk...