10 August 2016

Sun Kissed Summer Edit

I may be from Switzerland, but Summer will always be my Season.

My seasonal wardrobe always merely revolves around my Summer clothes. Crop tops, shorts, and high waisted anything will make it's way in the colder seasons (as if it was suitable, which most of the time it's really not).

'Estival' is French for a word we don't really have in english.
It means 'Summer-y'. It's an appropriate word for this post because it appears my summer (f)estival looks this year were a real hit!
Lots of you wrote/said to me that you loved this look:

But this look was merely an evolution of the same pieces I have been wearing every day this summer! So let me walk you through what has been lying on my bedroom floor these days...

Sidenote: please give a warm welcome to my new star photographer: my boyfriend! Ever-so-reluctant-up-until-now, has decided to take on the challenge!
CON: Please excuse lingering close ups of my bottom and cut off's of my head.


Endless hours of mosh-pitting await you in this get-up.

Thin Converse the comfort to swear by for long hours sets.

Never got hot in the swaths of crowds in this get up.

At a festival: one needs to be attired correctly: able to sit on grass on ones arse.

This one goes out to all my averagely-endowed ladies out there: chest. breeze. am I right?
 I'm afraid this look doesn't typically work for more busty girlies (without mis-haps!). Fear not! Try a nice geometric Bandeau instead.

DAKINE backpack has been (on aforementioned floor) packed and ready to go all summer! From festivals, to shopping days, hiking to painballing! I couldnt reccomend a more Mary-poppins-eque bag that just seems to fit everything: despite it's petite size!


This look was inspired by this outfit:

I wore out swimming in the lake this summer. The top is actually my bikini top, and the skirt is a thick, heavy, bamboo-silk skirt. It made for a beautiful shot: but I was boiling on the train!!

This new and improved look is just enough cover; but still allows a playful peek at colourful bikini bottoms and gladiator sandals!

Opaque is no fun.

I bought my bikini bottoms in Hawaii (which is where I'm going back to this month!!), so they are floral, neon, and colourful.

(butt) Cheeky!!!

My hair is so long at the moment: so as you will see with all of these outfits: keeping my neck clear is key!! Hello Princess Leia Buns!

Silver and blue velvet bag I picked up while trekking in Jordan. (Best size!!)


Glasses are in. Despite the fact I actually wear them, it's quite fun to go with contacts and try out some crazy or simply different frames to make an outfit.
Even at a festival!

(May have nicked these off boyf! I think I was replicating the face he was making at me for doing so!!)

XXL Shirts are anything but 'frumpy'... 
(Hello side boob! See?)

How cute are these Lace-Up wellies!!?

Chokers reign in that trendy 90's vibe that's been going around.

Making a face at the totally ridiculous photographer

(I was at this point being shouted at by my highly-trained photographer "Now FIERCE FACE! LIKE A TIGER! MEEOW!")

Slip on the shades to feel a lil' gangsta. 

-Gold Chains and Denim- (My new mixtape title)

And scene.


Hello MTV, and welcome, to my crib.

Exhibit A demonstrates a lovely, cool, breezy outfit: that is classy enough to rock up to a business meeting in!

That being said... UAFA headquarters is just down the road from here...

(I would certainly make a better CEO!)

My little white tiger shoes are from Urban Outfitters. 
(And my tan is from a bottle...)

This silk neckerchief is one of the best things to happen to me (Zara). So versatile!

These adorable catastrophes came from the Moschino sales this summer!!

(Anyone who knows me, knows I'm like a moth to the Moschino when it comes to Moschino)


ABBA called. They want their costume back.

But in all seriousness... the. best. pants. ever. They make me want to sing!
(all hail MISSONI!)

I mean look how good these pants make my butt look. Seriously. 
(Thank you to my photographer for gratuitously snapping this shot that I would not have otherwise seen)

If you ever find pants like these: buy them and never let them go. 

I find myself dressing more and more like a rockstar nowadays....

Snakeboots to top the outfit off: of course.

Gold Ziggy stardust Lightning bolt earrings >>>£2<<< at H&M !!

I wore these on a flight one day: and I swear the whole airport was looking!
 I look like the best accidental mascot for the LGBT community! hey ho: Go Pride!!

Necklace: Liliclaspe

Boyfriend photographer was making me laugh. No fair.

These pants literally make me so happy. They are single handedly helping me through some really tough times (cue autobiography).

Tadaaaa!! How cute are the Jagged ends too??

These puppies will keep you cool too!

Call me sunkissed: look at my freckles??  More like Sun-Punched.

The end!


I suck a makeup people. This is no secret: but this summer I have been taught some tricks by my mostest and closest; who happen to be closet makeup artists!! (You know who you are...)
Demonstrated here is a touch of Benifit's 'Watt's Up?' highlighter to my cupids bow, inner eye, and under the high of my brow.

Hope you are inspired/enjoyed!!