16 September 2016

Josephine Does the Best Friend Tag

I know I have been teasing everyone with various glorious tid-bits from my Hawaii work-cation. But the wait will soon be over! Pulling together a great post and Video as we speak! 

But to tide you over: check out my first Youtube Video!! 
(very soft-core, quintessential, excuse for a Youtube Video, but alas!).
I'm really excited about rolling this summer project out (finally!) and would love love love your support in this! (Maybe try liking it, but only if you actually like it!! Or Subscribing, but ONLY if you want to!!)

I'll try to keep them short and sweet, and the written blog posts you love will always be here.. ...but now you get on screen giggles, eye rolling, scoffing 
and snorts as opposed to only metaphorical ones!


(P.s. Shoutout to Annie for doing this with me. You the real OG)