25 June 2016

Scuba Chic

A few posts back, I detailed out my formula for fashion... Casual Outfit + Something Strange = Fashion. 
For example: a strange second hand dress that no one will have seen since the 70's... with converse.
Or, more specifically, in my case, scuba wear ... over jeans. So when I saw this Rashguard in Zara the other day, I couldn't help my fashion tail wagging.

In this post I am going to try and convince you buying a cute rashguard as a fashion piece IS a do.

But first: let's do our research and take a look at some entirely 
realistic depictions of what scuba diving looks like to base our look on..

(Spot the odd one out)

Still can't find it can you... Sex pot bond girls only; right?
See my point? Scuba gear is ALWAYS sexy. Goggle marks and blue lips too!

All jokes aside: it does look very fashion forward.

The material and cut feels skin tight: and the tightness accentuates
 your great chestyness/shoulders/arms or in my case waist shape. Like spanx! Silhouette is everything.

The convenient zip allows for hot-lifeguard-emergencies.

Okay... or boyfriend alerts. But he looks like a lifeguard.(Bae-watch, am I right?)

And wont you look just the sportiest girl on the sidewalk/beach?

Also: If you are a total P**sy like me, and don't like waters cooler
 than a cup of tea; then the scuba material actually comes in handy!!

Look at that smile! Opting out of being cryogenically frozen by the Cornish waters! Great day!

You can also actually use it scuba diving? (crazy right) 

I'm obsessed with fashion pieces that can do two things.
(Watch out! Next post on silk pyjama chique!!)

 So? Try it! I think you'd love it. Really. It's just such fun!! 

My exact one is on Sale at Zara now by the way, so act fast!

 Behind the scenes:

These photos were actually taken in Falmouth, Cornwall. 
They call it Fali-fornia, like California, because it feels like it sometimes.
My friends and I had a crazy fun time!

Rugby and random attacking was all quite common.

The cornish sea-slugs are comfy to sit on.

But jiggle too much.

Ended the night with a bonfire (I made) and with a scuba
 rash guard to keep me warm and the sand out!!