13 April 2017

Colourful Cuba!

Seriously. Why?
1. The people were so freaking charming. I have never been flirted (nor my mum) so many times in one day, yet, had such fun being flirted with! ;)

*Me Jumping into taxi* "You mind if I ride up front?"
Taxi Driver: "Yes, but my wife won't sleep with me tonight."
*Silence from mum and I. Confusion* 
Taxi driver: "The whole town will see I've been driving around with such a beautiful woman I'll be in so much trouble!!"
*All of us burst out laughing*

2. The colours!!! Are so vibrant!! Buildings, clothes, smiles, language, music, food!! All of it just a rainbow!

3. The country.. The palms... plants! birds.. So rich and diverse. So many different climates on one island!! I understand why Hemingway left the USA for this paradise!!

This wonderful trip was dedicated to my favourite mum out there. 
Fresh-off-the-plane Caipirinhas until tipsy. All the most fabulous retro cars a girl could dream of. And more cigars than we could take! Happy b-day mama. 

Noble pink steed.

Salsa Night!!

It was a 20 min flight from Miami!! So close!!

Contrary to popular belief: the visa's were no trouble at all. You could even buy them at the airport! You get them through the airlines when you buy the flights.
(I even travelled on my USA passport and had no trouble!)

My mothers Spanish side of the family works in the Tobacco and Alcohol trade in Gibraltar! Since the family was there for the annual Cigar Festival, it would have been rude if I didn't partake!! It's the family business after all! ;)

The pool was a dream! We stayed at the Melia Habana. Right on the beach!

Jesus I love cars.

Exploration Uniform, reporting for duty!

Old and New, New and Old.

Mama Muse! 
(Sporting some super cute Dolce and Gabanna 
Shorts we found for a steal in Miami!! Same with my Banana Leaf ones!)

This wonderful top I bought from a mother of two at a market who was super cute! And by 'cute' I mean she was roaring with laughter at how boobless I was, and how impossible with was to fill out said top! 
"It's all I've got!" I said shrugging my shoulders!
"one day!!!" she said still laughing.

Cigars in the Afternoon...

Buena Vista Social Club!!!


People have often said to me that Cuban food is awful. I can testify!! Not true!
Their staple is Chicken and Rice: but they cook it with peppers and sauces! + for dessert they have fried plantains (TOSTONES) that are SO good.
One taxi driver even described the cuban version of a big mac.. the 'Mac-Castro'
A cheesburger... with a cigar!!

The Chanel 16/17 Cruise Collection took place on the Paseo Del Prado and ALMOST EVERY CAR we rode in had this sticker and partook in the fashion show!! Very exciting for little old fashion me!

Hemingway's Home!

Love this photo!

Havana Good time!

Explorer bunny!

Mum looking photogenic as always.

Ugh love this photo above. ugggghhh. yeeeeesssss. Vibbbbes.

All of Cuba's original flags! As recently visited by Obama!

Which one...

Mum repping Josephine-eco-approved Recycled Water Bottle backpack the Re-Kanken by Fjallraven Kanken. Check it out HERE!

Mum and I swapped!

Mum stealing my clothes!! (Kidding mum we share I know!)

Sunset Swims

Midday Swims!


Dolce and my Mama.

Dolce and Havanna.

My puns get progressively worse with age, get used to it.

Last bit of sun!

Booty booty booty rockin' everywhere.

In the end: a wonderful trip that I will never forget! The people are the best part of Cuba: it felt like home away from home <3 Go as soon as you can, says me!
Thank you Obama!!

Tadaaaaa!!! That's all folks!