28 November 2016

Wakeup and Amsterdam

Do you ever just wake up in the morning and think:
'damn... I wish I was in a different country'.

This October? I thought the exact same, but did it.
I don't take all credit: it was partly inspired by my looming medical situation (which I won't go into with you all just yet): which has made me a little less hesitant and a little more...
Fuck it.

And so, alas, I booked a last minute flight up to Amsterdam with a dear Dutch(ess) friend of mine and we took on the city in two days!

-Dutch boys are just my type: tall, blonde, dress well and and HOT.
-The Red Light district isn't as scary as one might have thought.
-The Dutch are really friendly (especially the boys)
-'Coffee Shops' are cool but a little seedy......
-Dutch boys are very good looking
-The whole city is riddled with rivers and bridges like Venice!
-Bangin' blonde dutch boys are everywhere
-Bicyclists are ruthless and will run you over. (never been so scared in my life)
-Every other person is a graphic designer or part of a start up.
-hototototototot boyz

OKAY so: come take a look kids! 

Like the little ceramic ones you always see at your Dutch Friends house! 
(but big)

Certainly a reputable establishment

Me being happy and giggly to be in Amstah-dayum!

EVER-Y-ONE was wearing the Falllajskkuding Krafvnken (yes that is the correct spelling, I study fashion don't question me!)
backpacks and I actually really started to dig them!
(update I bought one: made of recycled bottles!!)

Morning Walks...

Feeling very Van Gogh.

Picked up these beauties (sunnies) in beloved AMS!

My Dutchess!!

Such a Dutch Photo!!

Great Dane !

Am I being silly? I don't know.


This trip made me so happy. It was such a whirlwind!

That is German written on top of the building (i'm lying again)

We couldn't resist these gorgeous backlit silhouette foggy day photos!

Rivers like Venice Like I said!

This is what a Coffee Shop looks like. They try to remain low-key. .. ...

Another low-key 'Coffee Shop'

Who is that loser?

Little off, just like me.

Even the fog of the last day was beautiful...

Thanks AMS!! Which city shall I last minute explore next....