26 September 2016

My Magical Trip to Hawai'i...

Aloha from Hawai'i my friends.
I am here in Hawai'i because I am working at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. This is a 9.000 person strong event; with conservation hero's such as Jane Goodall, journalism guru Thomas Freedman, Government monarchs such as Sally Jewell (Secretary of the Interior of the USA), celebrity sweethearts such as Alison Sudal (who is appearing in the next Harry Potter film!), and lastly: literal royalty; HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.
And would you believe I'm working with them all!?

I love PR. PR means dealing with VIPS. I typically dislike VIP's for I have come across one too many narcissistic airheads, AND it's a dark manipulative part of the industry... But in this context... I've loved working with VIP's!! It's been amazing helping the do-gooders (just like myself), do good... but with much much more influence than I could ever dream of! Like humble Ali, whom my family and I have grown so so fond of, is committed to being the IUCN's goodwill ambassador (even if that means standing up on a stage and in front of so many people even though someone accidentally stole her speech!). 

Or generous Jack Johnson! Who gave a free concert at the opening party to attract crowds from far and wide! Rock on!

Or the icon that is Dame Jane Goodall. A woman who challenged taboos, on top being a woman disagreeing with the predominantly male scientific community in a time when that wasn't as acceptable as it was today. The few minutes I spent conversing with impacted me so heavily through the contagious love and admiration in which she spoke of nature. A truly magical kind of VIP influence. I have really been taken by all these people and done some thinking this summer.. and have decided that it's time to begin merging my two passions: nature conservation and Fashion PR.
How? If I can finish my degree having gained the knowledge of how to manipulate people into senselessly splashing money over items to build an image of themselves (through trends that come and go) solely because of strong branding... I can apply that towards nature conservation!

EXAMPLE: Every single electrical car was as ugly as can be (sorry Prius, but ew.); but as soon as real life Tony Stark: Elon Musk stepped in... and amplified that technology and made it sexy, sold it as luxury to rack in the money, and is soon coming out with cheaper models... the world has reached a pivotal breakthrough! The right business model to create something green that's sexy.
If that makes sense..

This is where PR is needed and this is where I am committed to make a change: I am going to make nature conservation sexy. I will make loving and cherishing this planet, the pivotal sexy image we all desire.

Without further ado; (VIDEO COMING SOON) check out my artsy photo's of Hawaii through my new pain-in-the-ass but gorgeous-when-you-get-it-right 50mm lens!