8 September 2015

Harajuku Girls

Harajuku is a district in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
Harajuku, for those of you who don’t know, is the Fashion Capital of Tokyo.
But after my experience, I have learned that that statement is just a broad generalisation.
I think -Tokyo- is The Fashion Capital of Japan, because everywhere you look you see style.
Harajuku is just a part of it!
But what a part it plays: It's the largest puzzle of vivacious streets teeming with young boys and girls wearing or buying all kinds of fashion.

It’s a ‘Business of Fashion' case study in itself; low market hand-made-and-sold clothes in a pop up store, while around the corner live the monstrous Tokyo Flagship complexes of Luxury Brands: Gucci, Coach, and Louis Vuitton.

The strip where Harajuku is it's liveliest is actually called Takeshita Street.
I spent my time there flitting between stores and asking to take Harajuku Girls’ photograph.

The crowds were a challenge.
It was like when H&M collaborates with any given designer and people are buzzing from rack to till.
Although I was almost trampled on: there was shared sense of excitement, sisterhood and most prominently: a shared love for fashion.

Harajuku wouldn't be Harajuku without the amazing and interesting people who walk it's streets:

Like when I locked eyes with a young sheepish Harajuku girl, who I caught examining my foreign outfit and face. 
Or when I was caught, jaw-agape, with a left-to-right stare, on a girl wearing platform creepers taller than my head.

Be it on the racks on on the people; we were a stylish chorus, as well as a colourful mess.

So without further ado; here is my celebration of those Harajuku Girls…

I saw a lot of these cute alien buns and face paint freckles!

THE cutest vintage store you will ever see

The Lilac Dip Dye Braids, Winged kicks, and Adidas shirt... on point!

My. Have we just spotted our first Harajuku trends? Lilac and Adidas!

These girls were so cute: I can't. even.

The vintage store where I got my beloved vintage bomber (Post to come!)

PomPom earrings are definitely in! And so is dying your hair half white. 
But PomPoms are less commitment.

Barbie Face mask? Don't mind if I do...

Note: The adorable cherry denim skirt and Little Mermaid Shoes...

A Bedazzled Vintage Dream...

(This girl was so sweet)
Micky mouse is/was/will always be huge in Japan. He is everywhere!! 
Fashion wise? go Vintage Micky. I did.

So Kawaii it's not even funny.

This girl was so surprised as to why I wanted a photo of her outfit!
These flannel dresses were EVERYwhere!! 
They are so comfy, relaxed, and clever enough to still be stylish!

Backpacker Adidas boisterous VS. Backpacker Pink Bunny Daisy Chain

Layering! Lace top over white shirt. Transparent Socks over ankles! Delicate & Stylish.

Street Style + Doll Style x2

I dig the hat.

Bought this shirt in the end! #TokyoTourist

Winged sneakers again! And more Disney Princesses!

Thank you Harajuku for all your styling vintage goodies and future fashion inspiration!!