21 July 2015

Travel + Style Vlog: South of France!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rogue Gone Vogue is getting a makeover!

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But my two other huge passions in life are making video's and traveling.
So why not share/show/teach/discuss style from a new perspective and medium?

I really do hope you all enjoy the new content!
So Without further ado, please welcome: Video and Travel!

South of France
This June I went on a short to visit a friend of mine who lives in the South of France!
I was there for three days and got to visit Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo.

I was visiting a lot of stylish places... with very little space for style...

"So tell us Josephine, what did you do!?"
Well now everyone. Settle down... It's simple...


Check out these play by play screen-caps of this video to show you what I brought/bought/borrowed!

1 Striped Tank Top
1 Denim Shirt

1 Pair of Styling Raybans!
1 Pair of 'Candelabra' Extravagant Earrings!
Styling outfit!

1 Pair of Cameo Jeans
1 Clunky Carryon Bag
A sprinkle of a designer backpack!
And Stiletto Sandal

1 borrowed Cute Black Cami
1 Pair of Red Jeans

A bling bling diamante elegant necklace
My wonderful Faux (shh!) Dior Earrings
Designer in Disguise!

A simple Bikini
A Sleek Baseball Cap (with your boyfriends name written in Japanese)
Kawaii and Cool

Literally Anything
Deep Red Lipstick
Outfit Complete!

See? Never left my hand!

Just a Bikini
Flashy oh-so-colourful 'Boris the Animal' Glasses
Bling Bling
A fun Bikini

1 Simple Boho/70's Black Dress
1 Pair of Gladiators 
 Candelabras (Those hell of a pair of earrings)
Athena Godess-ness

1 Stolen Boyfriends Sweater (Bonus you don't have to carry)
Ridiculous earrings
Cool Midi Ring
Morning Style

 A Smile + Anything = Better

1 Hug from your boyfriend + 1 borrowed Pair of your best friends Converse (don't have to carry) 
= A great time

And you are now ready to rock up to...

...The most stylish places in town!

...And who knew all you needed was a little sparkle...