6 July 2015

4 Cool Summer Trends That Keep You Cool

Here in Switzerland we are experiencing a Canicule; in english that's a Heat Wave. 
Hottest parts of the day have reached 40ºC/104ºF !
We have been told to drink lots of water, stay indoors from 3-5, and dress appropriately.

Summer is my favourite fashion season; flowing dresses, vibrant colours, and denim shorts!
If this damn Canicule thinks its going to stop me flourishing, it can think again.

Wherever you are (apart from Australia) July has got to be packing heat.
Here are some SS15 (SpringSummer2015) 
trends that will keep you cool while keeping you cool.

1. Embrace les Culottes.

They are so worth it. 
Even if culottes are a trend you just can't sink your teeth into; they are so worth it.
No pair of linen trousers, harem pants, or khaki pants 
are able to give you the breezy cool ventilation culottes can.
I mean just look:

They are sophisticated and oh-so-easy: I say go for it.
Fool proof way of making them work for you? heels.

If that isn't motivation enough: you'd get a gold star for being on trend!
Just take a look! :

Top: Nastygal.com
Culottes: Zara
Shoes: Harrods

Look cute in a stylish cut out top + cool breeze on my back? Yes please.

Fine Jewellery is also a great option: very in at the moment for starters: 
and won't stick to you like chunkier jewellery would.

2. Gladiators Rule

In the heat, sand, and on the beach, the last thing you want is closed shoes.
Unlike flip flops; you can walk for hours in them.
I put them to the test! I bought my first pair in Greece, where I climbed 
913 steps up the Palamidi Fortress. If that isn't testament enough...

Tops like this one are heaven on a hot day.
Bare shoulders are the best to keep you cool.
Plus, shoulderless tops are part of this summers 70's trend. 
Brownie points!

Nautical is always on trend too!

Gladiators: Steve Madden

Top: Zara
Shorts: Topshop
Handbag: Chanel

Retro glasses and hoops complete the look.

3. Slouchy MC Hammer Chic

Tight, clingy clothes will not only make you uncomfortable, but can also encourage sweat.
Slouchy low crotch wonderful get-ups like this one mean for maximum comfort, 
and if done right, maximum style too. Have a read of Vogue's take on Harem Pants...

But be carful! Low crotch trousers can go wrong easily.
The key is to make it not look like you've gone out in pyjamas.
Note: detailed shoes (gladiators), jewellery, sunglasses.
These are all a very un-bedtime choice of accessories.

Gladiators make and give colour to this otherwise monochrome outfit:
 which you now now are definitely on trend!

Cool Kangaroo...

4. 70's Flared Sleeves

Nothing rules the 70's trend like flared jeans or sleeves.
Tommy Hilfiger and Saint Laurent SS15 was practically a 70's homage.
So we know it's cool cool.
As for heat-defying cool: ventilation like you wouldn't believe.
A mini hemline works well to keep you feeling fresh in the summertime heat!

Dress: Nastygal.com
Necklace: Nastygal.com
Shoes: Harrods
Bag: Chanel

Baddest Witch in Town

It's not a bad idea to cover your shoulders when going from day to night.
UV rays can still burn as the sun is setting.
The extra cover up will come in handy later on in the night too when the temperature drops!

Love a good sassy summer LBD! (Little Black Dress)

I hope this helps you all beat the heat! 
and have a glam summer!

-Josephine xxx