15 February 2015

Rogue Gone Vogue Gone to St. Lucia

I had the great privilege of going on Holiday with my family to St. Lucia this January! While I was there it was great to explore my favourite seasonal wardrobe; summer. Anything goes really, I had such fun over the week I was there experimenting and playing with different looks, and pieces of jewellery, and makeup. Looking back on this holiday now (while I'm in rainy London) gets me excited and has me planning for summer 2015. I followed the Spring Summer 2015 shows avidly in winter 2014, and so had had a field day playing with the trends for 2015 early! So here are some candid family photo's from our trip, landscape photo's, and pictures of my SS15 inspired wardrobe.

Rogue Gone Vogue living up to her name.
Sports bra's make for great beach crop tops I've discovered; and notice the 'candelabra's' earrings as they came to be dubbed. Big statement over the top earrings make anything look glamourous. 

A favourite of the trip was very thin gold jewellery.
So dainty when a chain so small makes such a statement when glinting in the sun!

 Long sleeved/legged pyjamas are a must for battling mosquito's.
These faux silk ones were enough to protect me but not leave me cooking!

Reflective Sunglasses are a huge trend for 2015.
Spoiler alert: they are always summer trend,
but roll with it especially this year.
Gym gear, hiking boots and a backpack always look super
fashionable to me when you are on holiday.

Mum nails every outfit; but this was just uncanny.
(Vintage Moschino none-the-less! It's almost as if were related...)
How cool Matt Damon got married at our hotel? 

Turtleneck backless floor length dresses always look fabulous;  in chill or heat.

Insane sunsets and random rainbows were a common occurrence.

This was just ironic.
Glamour UK magazine doing a photoshoot right in front of me.
The model there is dutch Victoria's Secret Angel Bregje Heinen who
I saw walk the VS fashion show just a month previous.
On an island across the world and my fashion industry follows.
Hm: seeing as it leads here however... I'm thinking I made the right career choice.


This super sexy outfit is way ahead of the trend for summer 2015.
It's called The-Padi-Certified-Look. ;)
Scuba Gear: Gucci. (kidding)

Sheer shirts all the way. So dainty, cooling, and high fashion (if done right).
Best part about it is you can wear comfy bra's and leave them on show because:
you can justify your choices by reassuring yourself you were wearing a bikini
and nothing else less than 10 minutes ago and didn't feel awkward.

John Lenon Green Lensed Ray-Ban appreciation photo.
I lived by these sunnies. Real protection and real cool.

Vintage Moschino Top (of course it was a hand-me-down)
was so cute and fun to wear on this holiday.
The trend I was going for here was 70's beach chic.
Such a beautiful place, met such beautiful people, and looking out a dreary London right now it's a dream to know that once a week there is always a direct flight from Heathrow to St. Lucia...